Introducing our new and exclusive games for Superzings! Each one of our 4 unique games offer fun game play and as a little added bonus, a rare figure to add to your collection!

Superzings Battle

Choose your battles wisely!

Pick a character and their battle power card and decide which battle face from the double-sided board game. Take turns to roll the dice to determine which power is being challenged. Win the contest and progress along th board. The first player to reach the centre and overcome Enigma wins the game!

Superzings Race to Rescue

Press and race SuperZings game!

Take turns to race around the board collecting SuperZing tokens. The first player to obtain a complete set of SuperZings gang tokens wins the game!

Superzings Assemble

Gather your team and lead them to victory!

Choose a character and lay the 4 corresponding coloured playing cards, die face up, in front of you. Take turns popping the Pressmatic and moving around the gameboard. If you land on your colour, try and pop the same number as one of your cards. If successful, turn the card over. The first player to turn over and assemble all their team wins the game!

Superzings Powers

Have you got the power?

Choose a character and their corresponding power cards. Place Kid Kazoom’s power cards face down on the playing surface and visible to all players. Choose a power card to battle Kid Kazoom and place it face down in front of you. Shuffle and flip one of Kid Kazoom’s power cards. Players whi have beaten Kid Kazoom can move one space up the board. The first player to reach Kid Kazoom wins the game!






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